PittPharmacy_WenXie_0067PittPharmacy faculty member Wen Xie, MD, PhD was awarded an NIH R01 grant for his work:  A Novel Regulation of the Phase II Enzyme Estrogen Sulfotransferase Project Narrative

Estrogen sulfotransferase (EST or SULT1E1) is best known for its activity in sulfonating and deactivating estrogens. The goal of this proposal is to determine whether EST is regulated by sepsis, and the implications of this regulation in estrogen homeostasis. The research also wants to determine whether the expression and regulation of EST affect the host’s sensitivity to sepsis. The reciprocal regulation of inflammation and EST may represent a yet to be explored mechanism of endocrine regulation of inflammation. Elucidation of this mechanism may provide a novel therapeutic target for the prevention and treatment of inflammation related diseases.

Wen Xie is The Joseph Koslow Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacology, in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at the School of Pharmacy.


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