PittPharmacy_SteveCaritis_JaimeBastian_RamanVenkat_3009Jamie Bastian, PharmD recently completed her OBGYN Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.  Bastian is the first fellow from this program which is funded by NICHD training investigators to evaluate medication use in pregnancy. Currently this is the only OBGYN clinical Pharmacology T-32 fellowship in the country and the first T-32 fellowship in the School of Pharmacy. Bastian’s work addressed optimizing the use of 17-hydroxy progesterone caproate and buprenorphine in pregnant women. In addition to her clinical work she also performed preclinical work evaluating alternate routes of administration for 17-OH progesterone caproate. Bastian accepted the position of an assistant professor at the Idaho State University College of Pharmacy. She will continue her research work in the area of drug abuse during pregnancy and teach at the college of Pharmacy.

Professor Raman Venkataramanan, PhD (right) from PittPharmacy’s department of pharmaceutical sciences and Steleanos Caritis, MD (left) from Pitt School of Medicine served as her mentors.

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