The University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute awarded PittPharmacy PharmD student Allen Potter, Yichi Zhang, (Information Sciences), Ray Funahashi, (PittMedicine), Meng Li, (Machine Learning) and Yuxuan Liu, (Information Sciences), 2nd place in their section of 7 teams at the recent Blue Hack event, October 2018.

Blue Hack is an idea generation competition at Pitt where participants pitch ideas, form a team, work with entrepreneurs in residence, and win cash prizes. The event was evaluated on how well the team explained their value, 1 year business plan, Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP) and presentation.

The problem addressed by the team was the inefficiency of assessing a patient’s health through reading their health records. The software the team produced compiled data from electronic health records into a visual timeline of a patient’s disease state with a heat map of the occurrence of the most relevant information to a case. Once clinicians click on a certain section of the timeline, they would be able to see the information from that interaction sorted into treatments, problems, and tests performed. The team then created a business model which included deploying the software for 3 months at small hospitals to collect data on how the interface impacted the time spent on EHR review. The team explained how value based care worked and how collecting this data would help market the product (called Patient Snap Map) to different regional partners such as UPMC and AHN.

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