PittPharmacy Professor Wen Xie, MD, PhD was an invited speaker and session chair at the 22nd Microsomes and Drug Oxidations (MDO) Meeting in Kanazawa, Japan, October 2018. Xie chaired the session “Nuclear xenobiotic receptors: Metabolism and diseases.” His presentation was titled “Xenobiotic Receptors in the Crossroad of Xenobiotic and Endobiotic Metabolism.”

The research from the Xie’s lab demonstrates nuclear xenobiotic receptors that regulate the expression of drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters that also play a key role regulating the production and elimination of endobiotics (chemicals produced within human bodies). Regulation of metabolism of both drugs and endogenously produced chemicals has important implications for understanding and finding therapies for diseases.

The Microsomes and Drug Oxidations (MDO) is a major series of international symposia in the field of drug metabolism and related areas.  MDO has a long tradition of meetings since the first symposia in Bethesda, USA in 1968 and now occurs every two years.  The MDO meetings bring together scientists from both academia and industry and constitute a fruitful meeting place where synergistic interactions are established and the latest developments in the field are discussed.

Xie is Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences at PittPharmacy and The Joseph Koslow Endowed Chair

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