Documentation, Evaluation, and Grading

Documentation: Students are required to accumulate a total of 1500 hours of pharmacy practice experience in order to apply for pharmacy licensure in the state of Pennsylvania. The experiential learning component of the School’s curriculum can be used to fulfill 1000 of these hours. Therefore, it is extremely important that students complete all of the hours devoted to experiential learning. An Hours Documentation Form specific for the academic year should be used for this purpose, where required (P1, P2).

Preceptor Evaluation: Preceptors will use the appropriate evaluation form to assess the student’s performance at the practice site and will recommend a grade of Honors, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. Preceptors should discuss their assessment and grade recommendation with the student. Both the student and the preceptor must sign the evaluation form for those rotations not utilizing an electronic evaluation.

Grading: Experiential learning is graded on an Honors/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. The student’s grade will be awarded based on a combination of data provided through preceptor evaluation, self-evaluation, and faculty evaluation. A mastery approach to performance assessment is used for the evaluation. A mastery approach to learning and evaluation is based on the assumption that competence develops over time and with practice. The Experiential Learning Coordinators will determine final grades. In some instances, the grade the preceptor recommends for a student may differ from that given by the Experiential Learning Coordinators.

Self-Evaluation: At the end of each semester, students are responsible for completing a critical self-assessment of their learning. Students will use the appropriate evaluation form for documenting this assessment.

Student Evaluation of Preceptor and Rotation Site: Students are expected to evaluate the preceptor and learning site using the Student Evaluation of Preceptor(s) and Site Form. In order to receive a grade for the course associated with the learning experience, the student must submit the required evaluations via paper or through the E*Value database when prompted to do so by E*Value.

For APPE rotations, preceptors should submit a mid-point and final evaluation of their students via the E*Value database.