The following guidelines regarding student dress and conduct apply:

  1. Students are expected to dress in a PROFESSIONAL manner at all times. Proper dress includes a white laboratory coat, preferably sport jacket length, and a name tag. Men are required to wear a tie. Jeans, shorts, casual sandals, and athletic shoes are inappropriate attire and should not be worn. For more details, please see the Student Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Professional Attire in the PharmD Student Handbook (see “Student Services.”
  2. The student is/ to conduct him/herself in a manner, which is professional, courteous, and reflects positively on the individual, the preceptor and the School of Pharmacy. Student behavior at practice sites must be consistent with the School of Pharmacy Guidelines for Professional Code of Conduct for Students (see Appendices) as well as all applicable practice site policies and procedures and all local, state, and federal laws. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in failure of the rotation or course.
  3. The student will maintain all confidences with respect to patient health information (as required by HIPAA), pricing fee systems, business practices, etc., which may be revealed at the site.
  4. The student is NOT to receive any financial remuneration from the preceptor for work performed during experiential activities.

Links to the Code of Conduct, Professional Dress Guidelines, and Social Media Guidelines are found in the PharmD Student Handbook as below:

Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Professional Attire

Guidelines for Social Media