A. The Experiential Learning Program utilizes E*Value and the Pitt e-mail system to support the Experiential Learning Program. Students should plan to monitor their Pitt e-mail accounts on a regular basis so as not to miss important announcements.

B. All announcements will be sent to the e-mail address that you were assigned when you first became a student at the University of Pittsburgh. Forwarding your Pitt e-mail to another e-mail address frequently fails due to security characteristics of the Pitt e-mail system, and may result in the student missing important information. Receiving email from the School while on rotation is the student’s responsibility.

C. Electronic submission of the Pharmacy Interaction Tracking Tool, the “PITT Form,” is required to document patient care interactions during all experiential learning activities. The link for the electronic PITT form is http://students.pharmacy.pitt.edu/pittform-links/. The form is password protected, and students will be notified of the password during orientation to experiential learning activities. Please contact the Experiential Learning Office if you have any trouble completing the forms.

D. Evaluations completed by students for APPE rotations (Student Midpoint and Final Self-Evaluations and Student Evaluations of Preceptor and Site) must be submitted online through E*Value. The Student Midpoint Self-Evaluation must be completed at the mid-point of each rotation and all other evaluations are due no later than one week after the rotation ends. Evaluations must be submitted on time, through E*Value, in order to successfully complete the rotation and avoid an “Incomplete” grade.

E. Preceptor Evaluation of Student: For rotations in the P3 and P4 years, your preceptor will be completing your evaluations in E*Value. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the Preceptor Evaluations of the Student are completed and submitted. Failure to receive the completed evaluations will result in a grade of “Incomplete” for the rotation. An unresolved “Incomplete” grade will necessitate retaking the rotation.