Formal Coursework – MS Nonthesis

A minimum of 34 credits is required for the Non-Thesis MS degree. Required courses account for 26 of these credits. Students must choose a minimum of 7 elected credits.

Electives may be taken in any of the three semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer) however no student may take more than 15 credits/semester.
You may search for classes throughout the university here:

How to search for classes online using the Student Center

Students may take courses in other schools as long as they are graduate level courses and do not conflict with the required course schedule in the School of Pharmacy. Check days and time of courses carefully when choosing electives.

Some suggested electives that do not conflict with your required courses are listed here:

Fall Semester
PHARM 5218 Drug Development II (4 credits)
PHARM 3043 Teach Me to Teach You (1 credit)
PHARM 3032 Medicinal Chemistry (3 credits)

Spring Semester
PHARM 3045 Advanced Statistical Methods (3 credits)
PHARM 3048 Drug Discovery, Design & Development (1 credit)
PHARM 2003 Intro to Pharmacoepidemology (2 credits)

Summer Semester
NROSCI 2010 Scientific Ethics (1 credit)
CLRES 2700 Fundamentals of Bench Research (2 credits)

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