Preliminary Evaluation

At the end of the first year of doctoral study, all students must have a preliminary evaluation. This evaluation serves to identify those students who may be expected to complete the doctoral program successfully and also to reveal potential areas of weakness in the student’s preparation. The evaluation is conducted by the student’s major or interim advisor in conjunction with the other faculty members. While there is no set format for the evaluation, it should focus on the student’s performance in didactic coursework and in research activities. Results of the evaluation must be reported promptly to the Graduate Program Academic Affairs Committee but not later than the last day of the term in which the evaluation occurs. The date and results of the preliminary evaluation will be entered into the student’s permanent graduate academic record as one of the “Milestones” recognized by the University. If the results of the evaluation indicate that the student is not expected to complete the program satisfactorily, dismissal from the program will be recommended.