Selection of Major Advisor

Upon entering the graduate program, it is highly recommended that each student identifies a major advisor who agrees to supervise his/her work and is responsible for overseeing the development of the student’s program of study. Each student must report their selection of a major advisor in writing to the Graduate Program Coordinator and to the Director of the Graduate Program. If the student has not identified an advisor upon entering the program, the Director of the Graduate Program will serve as the interim advisor for the first two semesters at which time a major advisor must be selected.  For PhD students, Faculty must have graduate faculty status to serve as the student’s major advisor. If a student identifies an advisor that does not yet have graduate faculty status, that advisor may serve as a co-advisor and directly mentor the student alongside a faculty member with graduate faculty status, who would serve as the Major Advisor.  For MS students, the faculty member does not have to have graduate faculty status.