Criminal Background Checks

Please note that the University of Pittsburgh Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program requires that students complete experiential learning activities at facilities external to the University. Many of the sites we use for experiential learning require students to meet certain prerequisites, in addition to showing proof of immunity, such as:

  •  Criminal background checks
  •  Drug screenings

A positive criminal history and/or positive drug screen may disqualify you from completing required experiential learning at sites external to the University and may prevent you from completing the PharmD Program.  Should a student fail a check, clearance, and/or drug screen, the School of Pharmacy cannot guarantee that it will be able to place the student at another entity for the requisite field education, thereby affecting the ability to graduate on-schedule from the pharmacy program.

Additionally, in order to become licensed as a pharmacist, many states will inquire as to whether the applicant has been convicted of any misdemeanor, any felony, or any felonious or illegal act associated with alcohol and/or substance abuse.  A criminal history as described above may delay or prevent licensure.

Additional Information on Experiential Learning Criminal Background Checks and Drug Testing