Special Topics Courses


Special Topics elective courses allow a student the opportunity to personalize his or her education by engaging a mentored experience in a particular area of pharmaceutical science, pharmacy practice, or pharmacy education through individual or small group work under the direction of a faculty member.

Special Topics may take the form of immersion in a laboratory, a defined literature review, or other longitudinal experience, activity, or course co-designed by a student and a faculty mentor. Special Topics may be designed as a 1-credit, 2-credit, or 3-credit course, depending on the nature of the experience, expected commitment of the student, and stated outcomes of the course.

All special Topics paperwork has been moved to an on-line web-app. The web app streamlines the registration and documentation process. The web app allows, the faculty mentor, the student, as well as others, with responsibility for registration and tracking of participation to access to all of the content in a secure, on-line tool.

Please note: the browser, Firefox is not a supported browser. Please use Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer to access the Special Topics web app.

Special Topics web-app

Video Tutorial: How to complete the Special Topics form via the web app.

Requirements for Special Topics Courses

Prior to registration for the term in which the Special Topics course will be conducted:

  1. The student must meet with a faculty mentor for the Special Topics course to discuss expectations for the course.
  2. The student must complete and submit the Proposal for Special Topics Course form (Appendix A) using the Special Topics Web App. When the faculty mentor approves Appendix A, an email is generated to the School of Pharmacy academic records manager (Ms. Cheryl Sorensen) to register the student. The signature collection and submission is all done electronically. Because a special topics registration is a course registration, the Appendix A must be submitted, approved by your faculty mentor, an entered by the registrar before the semester add/drop deadline.

No later than the end of the second week of the term in which the Special Topics course will be conducted:

  1. A course outline (Appendix B) must be completed by the student and faculty member, signed by each, and submitted to the associate dean for education (Dr. Susan Meyer). If the deadline is missed, the student will be dropped from the Special Topics course and enrolled in a School of Pharmacy elective course offered that term. The signature collection and submission is all done electronically.
  2. The Appendix B must be approved by the mentor prior to the add/drop date for the semester. If an Appendix B is not approved by that date, the elective will be cancelled and the registration for it withdrawn.

At the end of the term during which the Special Topics course is completed:

  1. A summary report must be prepared by the student and submitted to the faculty mentor prior to grade assignment for the course.
  2. The summary report should include:
    a.  A description of the experience.
    b.  Examples of the work completed for the project, such as abstracts, posters, or
    other documents, if appropriate.
    c.  A student reflection of the achievement of the ability outcomes for the project.