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Add Qualtrics Data To PittForm Reporting Database

Data export from Qualtrics

  1. Login to Qualtrics via
  2. Select the appropriate Qualtrics survey
    1. There are currently 4 Qualtrics surveys from which to get data
      1. PITT Form class of 2019
      2. PITT Form class of 2020
      3. PITT Form class of 2021
      4. PITT Form class of 2022
  3. Select t “Data and Analysis”
  4. Select “Export & Import”
  5. Select “Export Data”
  6. Select ” Export Data with Legacy format”
  7. Enter start and end dates
    1. Note change to the work spec: Select a date range that goes back three days.  For example, if you are doing the export on Wednesday, select the date range that would be Monday- Wednesday. This helps to insure that all PittForms get counted. On Monday, choose Friday- Monday.
  8. Click for “more options”
  9. Check “use choice text”- This is very important
  10. Check “Compress as .zip” Note: I no longer do this, but if it is too slow, you may need to.  Try it without first
  11. These steps should be followed for the survey for 2019, 2020 and 2021, 2022

Prepare The data for import

  1. Move the .zip files to your desktop
  2. Double click to unzip each file, or use an unzip app to unzip each file.
  3. These files must be on the desktop

Data inport to Filemaker

  1. Open the Filemaker Databases. There are currently three databases. and do steps 2-5 for each database. Do them in this order:
    1. PittFormReports_2022
    2. PittFormReports_2021
    3. PittFormReports v3
    4. PittFormReports
  2. Select the files you are importing from the list presented and add a checkmark in the box. It may already be checked or may need to be checked. Then, click the green “import” button.
    1. You will see two dialogue boxes appear announcing the progress of the import. The first is “Your records have been imported”. The second is “duplicates have been removed.” These happen very quickly for those of the databases for 2022, 2021, one 2020 (v3), but will take some time for the older PittFormsReports.
  3. Click OK for the “duplicates have been removed” dialogue box.
  4. Close the database