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Adding persons and other changes to Pharm school

Trigger: Get a DM Update from Kellie

Overall process:


Make list of emails for those who left to use in Mailman

Delete anyone who left
Revise any record with changes
Add new people

Delete process

Go to layout Person:All

Find the person to be deleted and export the field distlist_export

Manually delete records for those who left

Go into the appropriate email lists and delete

Revise Process

Based on what data needs to be revised, go into the appropriate table and make the revision

Adding process overview:

Add to person table
Export out with new Person ID
Import into Directory table

Import into Faculty out other tables as needed
Import into address table

export for addition to email distribution lists

Add to person table

Make row K “MGT”
Put an X in row K for all that are being added
Drag XLS to FMP to convert to a DB- use “Demographic”
Do a find for MGT = x
show ommitted
Delete all found
Revise field names to be:
Name first -> name_First
Name last -> name_Last
Degree -> name_Degree
Dept -> department

Add field “Person_ID”
Add field “activeDirectoryUsername” calc field =  LeftWords (Email; 1)
Add field Type

Add field flagDistribution list set it to 1

Add field flagAnnualReview, if type = Faculty, set it to 1

Note: Adding these fields doesn’t work as the records already exist.  Move these auto enter and calc to the Pharmschool DB

Import record to the Person table of PharmSchool
Go to the DM converted DB and Link it to PharmSchool with match field as activeDirectoryUsername or UNIVID

Update records in the DM converted to add id_Person to the matching records

Go to the Directory:All layout and import the records from DM Converted
Use matching names, EXCEPT set activeDirectoryUsername to import to the field username

NEED to add instructions about filling “username”

In PharmSchool, go to layout Address: All do import from DM Converted

id_Person -> id_Person
Office -> Line 1
Need to add code to change building abbreviation

Go back and add a photo or a placeholder photo in the person table

Go into the Person table, and do export of distlist_export, and add to the appropriate lists

Find all MGT = x and set that fields to be empty

If any “type” is faculty, post doc or grad student there is more to do

For Grad and Faculty where Annual Review is “1”

Add records to the AR table and AR calc table

Add names to the “Bold” script.



OverdoseFreePA Error Logs: Weekly Report

Unzip the zipped file.

Name error log with date MO_DA_YR_php55_errors.log

Drag error log onto FMP and convert to DB

Open the clone, and import into the clone

Find all rows that start with a “[“

Run script Trim and Set

Then find by Month and do Setas[month] scripts

Then you can do a find based on the field timestamptimestamp

At the end, so a “save as” compact file

Then do a delete all records

Prep Student Scholarship Application Each February 1

How to set up the Scholarship Application each year

Delete all applicants

Import a file FROM RxStudent where class year = the 4 years

Needed in the import file”

  • id (id_rxstudent)
  • username
  • email
  • nameF
  • nameL
  • nameMid
  • ClassYear

Make screen grab of page4 to update the worksheet.

Update worksheet and store it in the DB

Ask TJ to delete members of the AD group,  XXXX and import the current committee members.


Enable the student CDS group and the committee group