Monthly Archives: September 2016

Add Mentor to the Special Topics DB

Trigger: A student has requested a mentor who is not listed in the Special Topics DB. When they submit their form, it is marked as “pending” and a help ticket is generated. The help ticket becomes the trigger

  1. Check with Registrar to see if the person is in her system so that she can register the student with that person
  2. FWD to Susan for approval
  3. if Yes,
  4. Add person to faculty table in special topics
  5. Add name to the value list “Faculty List Used”
  6. go back to appendix A,
  7. change Mentor to the requested person
  8. Trigger script to submit appendix A
  9. Send a help ticket to have the mentor added to RX-FMS-SpecialTopicsFac
  10. Notes: The reason the value list is manually edited rather than the list being  dynamic value list is so that the names are in alpha order instead of creation order