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How To: Handle Qualtrics .csv reordering in Pitt Form


  1. In Qualtrics, export a .csv file (seen in grey above) containing data from the PITT Form survey (seen in blue above) that has experienced a change in question order. Unzip them to your desktop. The name of this file is very important – DO NOT RENAME IT from either “PITT_Form2”, “PITT_Form__Class_of_2018”, or “PITT_Form__Class_of_2019” AKA <<Name>>.
  1. In FileMaker, delete the table named “<<Name>>” (seen in purple above). Also remove the Table Occurrence for this table. Delete layouts “<<Name>>:All” and “<<Name>>:Blank”.
  1. Select File>Import>File… and <<Name>>.csv from your Desktop.  Click Open.
  1. From the “Target” dropdownselect New Table: <<Name>>. Be sure to check the bottom left box next to “Don’t import first record (contains field names)” before clicking Import.
  1. This creates the proper new table, as well as a new layout. Rename this automatically generated layout to “<<Name>>:All”. Move it to the layout subdirectory “Admin/All/CSV Processing Tables/”.
  1. Switch to Table View. Delete all records.
  1. Duplicate the layout “<<Name>>:All”. Rename it to “<<Name>>:Blank”. Click Modify in the top right corner, and uncheck all fields. Click OK. Move this layout to the layout subdirectory “Admin/Blank/” and uncheck it from the list of displayed layouts.
  1. In the FileMaker Script Workspace, open the script “importCSV(TableFileName)”. Scroll to the code block beginning at line 51.  In the If/Else If statement, double click the Import Records script step executed if $tableFileName = <<Name>>.  From the top left “Source” dropdown, select <<Name>>.  From the “Arrange by:” dropdown, select matching names. Click OK. Click Import on the ensuing popup. Save and exit the script.

Note:  If questions or answer options have been added, there is also a need to add those fields to the Qualtrics table.