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Move Graduating Grad Students to the Alumni DB

Mark the students to be moved in PharmSchool

Some MS students should be removed as graduated in MS, but who remain in the PhD program- for these students, change their field “Program” to “PhD” and set “mgt” to “k”

others are graduated and should be moved. set their “mgt” to “move”

Export all [mgt = k OR move] as a FMP DB

Use the People table, the directory table and the Grad student table.

Export the photos!!!

In PharmSchool, find mgt = move, and delete these records

Import into the Alumni table

fields to match:

  • nameFirst (Person)
  • nameMiddle (Person)
  • nameLast (Person)
  • Advisor (Graduate Student)
  • degree entering (Direcory)
  • univID (Person)
  • awards (Graduate Student)
  • publications (Graduate Student)
  • presentations (Graduate Student)
  • degreeDisplay ** 
  • photoContainer (Directory

Need to set grad year to current year

Need to set degree display to the degree they are graduating with (Same as Grad Program??)

Need to look up by name and get the dissertation/Thesis links and titles to add these.

Student Election for Class President and Officers

Trigger: Current Class Presidents initiate a call for candidates in the Spring, in compliance with the policy and procedures listed in the PharmD Student Handbook.

A list of candidates is provided as a Word file.  The steps below are how to get that content ready for the students to vote:

The person posting has to be added as an instructor to a course for the professional year in question.

In CourseWeb, go into the course and select “Course Tools” in the left hand nav area.

Select “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”

Select “Survey”

4/2019: It is possible to select the “Elect Class Representatives poll from the year before and edit it.  There are a few places to check to make sure you have updated the name, description, instructions, etc. Once you change the survey, you go into the Course Documents and change the data there about when it can be viewed.

Remember, that the class president election is select one answer.  and the class representatives is a select two answers.

Select Build survey. Add a name, description and instructions, then “submit.”

Then create a question. The type is based on which office you are using the poll for. May be Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer.

Once finished, go to Course Documents and add the survey there.

Then, click on the “eyeball” icon to preview in student view- this will only work after the time it is supposed to be available.

To get the results, select “Full Grade Center”, scroll over to the column on the far right. It may be hard to tell which is the correct column because it doesn’t show many letters of the name, but it is likely to be the far right or near the far right. You can click the chevron and choose “quick column  info.” to confirm you have the right one. Click the chevron and choose “attempt statistics.”