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Prep PharmSchool for Annual Review

2019 Notes: 

New process: fo these things after close of the Annual Review period

  • delete AR fields (script is:  )
  • delete publications
  • delete presentations
  • delete awards
  • export id_persons
  • run script to update Goals records (script is:  )
  • use the id_persons to make new:
    • AR records
    • AR calc records

Do this whenever new faculty or grad student begins

  • Add need related records

Do this About April 20 to prep for new Annual Review season

  • Check list of faculty and grad students and make sure there are AR records for each 

Do an export of all Faculty and all GradStudents

  • Import to the Annual Review table for these persons
    • Fields to import:
      • id -> id_Person
  • Use id_Person as a match field to update existing records, make sure to check “add new records


  • Delete all records in the presentations table


  • Delete all records in the publications table
  • Delete all records in the person_publications table

Goals (Faculty)

Export Goals to new table and do these things:

  • Change field names
  • Progress to old_progress
  • Text to progress
  • Create/run script to change year to current year

In PharmSchool

delete all Goals records

import these fields from the new table

  • id_Person
  • Progress
  • Year

AR Fields

  • Find all AR records
  • Run script  “AR Prep Set Competed”
  • set field year to current year (not yet in a script)

notes: 2019 add steps that include a script to make the PDF and save it to an archives file.