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Monthly RxStudent Address Update

Trigger: Monthly on a schedule, the registrar in Student Services does an export from the DataWarehouse/PeopleSoft and updates matching records in the RxStudent database.

Export of data process:


Import to RxStudent process:

  1. Rename columns to match DB

Rename the fields:

Rename Peoplesoft ID to PeopleSoft_ID (must include the underscore)

“Home Address….” to “Paddress1, PAddress2, PCity, PState, PZip” (no spaces in the names)

Rename the fields “Mailing…” to “CAddress1, CAddress2, CCity, CState, CZip””

2)  Drag and open in FMP save as FMP file, then close.  (It needs to be sitting on your desktop)

3) Open the RxStudent DB

4) Select Script under Scripts:StudentServices: Update Address Information

5) Close RxStudent

6) Delete The Address Report DB you created in #2