Yearly Changes to Residents

Each year, at the beginning of July, a new class of pharmacy residents begin.  The following steps need to happen regarding this:

  1. Remove leaving residents from email lists (rxschool, rxresident, pharmtherapeutics)
  2. Update residents who are remaining so they are now connected to the correct program.
  3. Delete leaving residents from the RxSchool DB
  4. Add new residents to RxSchool DB
  5. Add new residents to email lists (rxschool, rxresident, pharmtherapeutics)
  6. Revise the residency pages to have correct list of residents


Receive three spreadsheets from Residency coordinator- residents stating, arriving, leaving. Go into RxSchool DB and mark the remaining residents as MGT = “Stay.” Put the new program in the field::Notes.  for those residents who are leaving, set MGT =”Remove”

Take the “new residents” spreadsheet and turn it into a FMP database. Add these fields:

Type = Resident

Degree: PharmD

Title: Pharmacy Resident

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