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PrimeRx QR Code

Requester (Caylee or Dan) submits a help ticket.  Request type = PrimeRx QR Code
Ticket must be submitted no less than 48 hrs before event, however, for the first few events, more time would be GREAT, as we test out this system.
Ticket contains the following info:
  • Event Name:
  • Event Date:
  • Start Time:
  • End Time:
  • Event Registration Open Time- show long before the event start time should registrations be accepted?
After trigger: Thomas Waters will
  • Create a QR Code
  • Test QR Code
  • Add event to the database
  • Attach PDF of “registration sheet” to the help ticket and mark it as “resolved.”
“Registration sheet” has simple to follow instructions and QR code.
When Requester receives PDF: print out two copies of the PDF to have posted on a table or on the wall at the door of the event.
At some time prior to the event:
  • Requester posts the QR Codes
  • Students can scan QR code, authenticate.
After event: spreadsheet of students who scanned sent to requester as well as archived in the database.