Yearly Updating of RxAmbassadors Web Page

Trigger for Webmaster: Receives finished spreadsheet from Student Services

Yearly, the RxAmbassador web page needs to be updated, taking out any RxAmbassadors who have graduated, adding any new RxAmbassadors, and updating any info as needed.

The webmaster needs two items for this to be done:

  1. A list of which RxAmbassadors are to be removed
  2. A spreadsheet the contains any new ambassadors, as well as any data changes for remaining RxAmbassadors.


This spreadsheet should be used for submitting any new RxAmbassador and any changed data. Note: all columns in the spreadsheet must contain data. There are no named columns that can be left blank.


The webmaster does these steps:

Import spreadsheet into the RxAmbassador Database. (local file)

Sort by last name

Open RxAmbassador web page in Dreamweaver

Cut and past HTML into the page


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