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Yearly Process to remove Graduate Students Who Graduate

Trigger: Graduation each year

Graduate students get removed from the school’s PharmSchool DB and email distribution lists when one of two things happen. Either Lori Altenbaugh emails me and tells me they have fully graduated, or they are listed in the graduation program.


  • Get a copy of the graduation program from Kathy Stell
  • Use the lists in it to mark records in the PharmSchool DB
  • 1) Use the layout “tow_GraduatedGradStudents
  • 2) in the field MGT, add an “X” for each student listed in the program
  • Export these records from PharmSchool- export al fields in Person, Directory, and GradStudent tables. Use this to import these records into the Alumni DB, Grad Student table.
  • 3) Export as XLSX a list of the MS graduates. Ask Lori and Maggie to mark any students who are staying int he program as a PhD student, and change the program, program track, and advisor for these students.
  • 4) Export as XLSX a list of PhD grads and ask if there is any reason why they should remain in the directory or the distribution lists
  • Upon receiving replies from Lori or Maggie, delete or update the PharmSchool records (in the GradStudent table) of any remaining student. Remove the “X” in the MGT field.
  • Find the records where MGT = X
  • Export the distribution list field for these records as a text file
  • Use the DistList text export to remove the addresses from the these lists: RxSchool, RxGrad, PharmSciences, PTC , Baum, Pavilion

Changing PharmD Student status within the RxStudent DB and other places across the school

Trigger: Students from time to time take leaves of absence or there are other reasons why data in RxStudent DB needs to be changed or deleted. Other places impacted by this data change would include: email distribution lists, Pittforms Qualtrix survey student lists (dropdown menu where students select their names)m class rosters, and group lists.

Prepare and Post PharmD Program Quality Indicators

Trigger: Susan Meyer provides a PDF of the correct data to Thomas Waters. This generally happens part way through the Fall semester each year.


  • Open PDF and add meta data [ add more detail about this step]
  • Save PDF with the name “PharmD_Student_Success_and_Program_Quality_Indicators.pdf” Note: the file name must match exactly.
  • Put file into the web site directory of folders: “PharmD” note: to insure the correct file gets pushed out to the load balancing machines, first, delete the current version of the file. This deletion will cause the files to be deleted from the load balancing boxes. and then SFTP-PUT the current version to the PROD web server.
  • Test to make sure the correct file loads
  • Test the link in the web site’s navigation.
  • Test the link on the provost’s site ( to make sure it loads the correct file.

Social Media Monitoring and Posting

The School is utilizing a tool called Agora Pulse for monitoring and posting to Social Media. These are the steps for using Agora Pulse.

If you will be a backup or regular user, it will be useful to watch the AgoraPulse help videos to learn to make the most out of this tool. This work spec isn’t designed to teach you how to use the tool, but rather the steps to do daily, and an overview of how.

Trigger: This workspace is followed each morning.

There are two work specs for Social Media that should be used in unison. The one your looking at are steps specifically to monitor and post. The other are details and specs for social media including photo dimensions, hashtags and other general info.

To use AgoraPulse, you have to be invited onto “the team” Ask Thomas Waters to invite you.

Platform Monitoring

Open the AgoraPulse WebApp:

Select the platform on the left that you are going to monitor. It will default to “To Review” Do all of these platforms: First, look at the items in the inBox. The “inBox” list all of those posts on our pages.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Review each item in the inbox. If it seems bad, hide it. Otherwise, “Like it” “Review it” and you can also comment/engage with it.

Do the same, for anything that is in the “Listening” tab

The “Listen” tab lists posts that fit keywords that the site is set to follow, such as “pharmacy” or that use hashtags we are following such as #PittPharmacy

Platform Posting

First, here are the steps for how to post. Further on, I’ll discuss if you should “Publish Now” or “Schedule.” At this time, post ONLY to Facebook and Twitter. Ignore posting to Instagram. Posting to the LinkedIn group is separate and detailed at the bottom.

Note 3/5/2019: regarding WHEN to publish (Publish NOW or Schedule). We may want to make a change to our current work flow and use the AgoraPulse algorithm to assist in planning the best time to have something published. Don’t know for sure- this needs more discussion. Here is a instruction sheet about it.

Note added 3/5/2019- At this time, we are not posting to Instagram directly. However, if we have something we wan to go to IG, we will reach out via email to Esther or other student IG poster, and ask, if they want it, want us to post or some other choice.This will be a part of the process we are working to improve and make the most efficient and useful.

Click the big red/orange “Publish” button, but not the lighter orange “+” that you see in the picture above.

First, pick the platforms you are publishing to. At this time, select only Facebook and Twitter.

Next, you “write” the basic post on the left or middle section. You can then customize it for each platform separately.

The base post is written in the section called “Your Post in the middle

The body of the post has four sections:

Body, hashtags, link, image

Add the body, then a carriage return to make a space, then the hashtags

click the “link” icon to add the URL

Then select the correct thumbnail image

Customize for each platform

The section on the right hand side is the customization for the platform. It opens by default showing the Facebook custom box. it will look as it does, unless you want to make any change. Use the “Edit” button to add a change that is for that platform only. Note in the above example the text is too long for Twitter, so a red exclamation point is show on the Twitter tab.

Note: AFTER you publish, some things can not be changed. Twitter cannot be changed. Parts of a Facebook post cannot be changed. Instagram cannot be changed. It is essential to use the preview here, and make sure it is EXACTLY what you want.

The text for Twitter can only be 280 characters, so use the box on the right to edit it down to below that limit if needed.

Once you have previewed the post for both Facebook and Twitter, use the radio button next to “Publish” and then click “Next.”

On the next screen, select “Publish once.:” This is our default. There may be reasons in the future to select a different option here. Then click the orange “Publish in the bottom right hand corner.

Check the various social media platforms to make sure they have been published.


There is a list of suggested hashtags on this work spec that is applicable to the posting process.


Here are the steps to post to the School’s LinkedIn group.

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Start a conversation”
  • If the sort is something that was posted to ePittPharmacy, simply copy and paste the URL (example:
  • Add hashtags as appropriate
  • If it isNOT a story from ePittPharmacy do the following
  • Post the text you wish and a photo if you have one.

Adding Media files for ePittPharmacy

Description: This work spec describes how to add files, such as photos to the media library for posts. It should work multiple ways, but for some reason, it works some ways, but not others. Once this problem has been resolved, this work flow for adding files will not be needed.

  • Add photo or photos to the media Library before starting the post:
  • Select “Media: Add New” from the left hand column
    I can drag and drop or use the “Select File” button
  • Add the post, and add the photo this way: Add Image Block
    Choose the Media Library button
    Select the correct image

I DO NOT have upload success if I (media Library):
Select Media from the left hand column
I cannot drag and drop image successfully
I cannot use the “Add New” button to upload the image successfully

I DO NOT have upload success if I (Post):
Select “Add New Post”
Add Image Block
Choose the “upload” button
I receive the error: “The response is not a valid JSON response)

I DO NOT have upload success if I (Post):
Select “Add New Post”
Add Image Block
Drag and drop an image onto the block
I receive the error: “The response is not a valid JSON response)

Removing Persons who leave Pitt Pharmacy

This work spec covers the steps required to be followed when someone leaves Pitt Pharmacy.


  • PharmD students-TBD
  • Grad Students- Email from Lori Altenbaugh or Yearly Graduation program
  • Post docs- email from Kellie Mitchell (or other announcement)
  • Visiting Scholars- email from Kellie Mitchell (or other announcement)
  • Staff- email from Kellie Mitchell (or other announcement)
  • Faculty- email from Kellie Mitchell (or other announcement)

Here are the spaces where removals may be needed

  • Pharm School DB
  • RxStudent DB- process is at graduation to move these records from RxStudent to Alumni DB
  • Web site

Items Needed for Social Media and General Publicity

  • Brief descriptive paragraph– use the 5 W’s as a guide- who, what, when, where, why. Why is probably the most important. For general publicity 300-500 words, for Social Media only 2-3 sentences, but can be more.
  • Photo(s)  [ add content here about photo dimensions in pixels needed buy the differing platforms]
  • Hashtags- there can be as many hashtags as you want up to 30 total. It is good to have at the least 4 or 5, but don’t make up silly hashtags simply to have more. Always included with be #PittPharmacy, #H2P some other ones to consider are #PharmacyIsInnovation #PharmacyIsPatientCare #PharmacyIsResearch #WeAreLeaders. Hashtags can be “topic-oriented too, such as, #DrugInteractions #Pharmacogenomics #polypharmacy
  • Handles for anyone in the photos. For example, if there are three students, and they are all on Twitter, their twitter handles so that they can be tagged. These generally look like “@thomascwaters”
  • Call To Action? Is there a link to follow or something you want from the reader after they see the media mention?

The Social Media handles that are of most use: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

Photo size: dimensions for Social Media

Each social media platform prefers images to be of a certain dimension and has an ideal resolution. Whenever possible, we should work to get the photo originals, and save specific outputs for each social media platform in the correct size. [This data needs to be collected and added to this work spec.]

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Content Needed by YouTube

YouTube needs the following content to be created for each video posted. The content ought to be written in a way that will appeal to a variety of audiences including prospective students.  

  • Video Title
  • Video Description
  • Tags or Hashtags

Here is YouTube’s “help page” for writing descriptions:


Here is a list of hashtags that can be used

  • #H2P
  • #PittPharmacy
  • #PittPharmD2B- can use for any story about one of our students
  • #PittNow
  • #PittPharmacy2019 or any class year appropriate
  • #PharmacyIsInnovation
  • #PharmacyLeadingTheWay

Moderate PittPharmacy Email Distribution Lists

The purpose of this work spec is to articulate the process by which the school’s email lists are moderated each workday.

Trigger: I do this as one of the first tasks every morning.

  • Go the web page:
  • select an email list, login with password
  • Go to the “Tend to pending moderator requests”
  • Review any message being held for moderation, approve where appropriate.
  • The lists include:
  • the CLIP lists- there are 3 of them
  • There are 4 lists that begin “pharm”
  • There are 14 lists that begin “Rx”

Update Amazing Slider Banners

The purpose of this work spec is to articulate the steps to take to update any Amazing Slider slider. The most often slider to be updated, is probably the home page banner slider.

Trigger: Add or exchange photos in a slider as needed.

  • Open the amazing slider app, open the appropriate slider.
  • make the needed changes
  • save the slider
  • open the amazing slider folder on the stage server (haredFolders⁩ ▸ ⁨RxInformatics⁩ ▸ ⁨SiteSource⁩ ▸ ⁨EWI-stage.www⁩ ▸ ⁨assets⁩▸ ⁨amazingSliders
  • find the appropriate slider folder. change the name to “old_foldername” (this is only done in case you need to revert. This folder can be deleted after successful testing)
  • Add a new folder named “folder name”
  • Go back to the Amazing Slider app and publish.
  • Once published, you have to copy and paste some of the content from the amazing slider folder”index.html” page to specific locations in the web page that holds this content. These changes are:
  • copy everything that is in the body starting at the comment to “Insert to your webpage…”
  • note: on making a NEW PAGE or a NEW SLIDER, you may also need to copy/paste the header info, but on an existing page, this is already in place.

Additional notes:

For the index slider on the school homepage, change out the image for the “I’m going to…” slider on a monthly basis. The saved slider images are in the folder ‎⁨SharedFolders⁩ ▸ ⁨RxInformatics⁩ ▸ ⁨SiteSource⁩. You need to use this content with this sliderI’m going to…
“I’m Going to…”

  • “I’m going to…”
  • “PittPharmacy PharmD students share what they plan to do with their personalized education. Pharmacy prepares students for a wide variety of careers.”
  • “Watch the Video!”
  • ” “