Removing Persons who leave Pitt Pharmacy

This work spec covers the steps required to be followed when someone leaves Pitt Pharmacy. Triggers: PharmD students-TBD Grad Students- Email from Lori Altenbaugh or Yearly Graduation program Post docs- email from Kellie Mitchell (or other announcement) Visiting Scholars- email from Kellie Mitchell (or other announcement) Staff- email from Kellie Mitchell (or other announcement) Faculty- […]

Items Needed for Social Media and General Publicity

Brief descriptive paragraph– use the 5 W’s as a guide- who, what, when, where, why. Why is probably the most important. For general publicity 300-500 words, for Social Media only 2-3 sentences, but can be more. Photo(s) Hashtags- there can be as many hashtags as you want up to 30 total. It is good to have at the least 4 or 5, but don’t make up silly hashtags […]

Moderate PittPharmacy Email Distribution Lists

The purpose of this work spec is to articulate the process by which the school’s email lists are moderated each workday. Trigger: I do this as one of the first tasks every morning. Go the web page: select an email list, login with password Go to the “Tend to pending moderator requests” Review any […]

Update Amazing Slider Banners

The purpose of this work spec is to articulate the steps to take to update any Amazing Slider slider. The most often slider to be updated, is probably the home page banner slider. Trigger: Add or exchange photos in a slider as needed. Open the amazing slider app, open the appropriate slider. make the needed […]

Yearly Updating of RxAmbassadors Web Page

Trigger for Webmaster: Receives finished spreadsheet from Student Services Yearly, the RxAmbassador web page needs to be updated, taking out any RxAmbassadors who have graduated, adding any new RxAmbassadors, and updating any info as needed. The webmaster needs two items for this to be done: A list of which RxAmbassadors are to be removed A […]