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Yearly Changes to Residents

Each year, at the beginning of July, a new class of pharmacy residents begin.  The following steps need to happen regarding this:

  1. Remove leaving residents from email lists (rxschool, rxresident, pharmtherapeutics)
  2. Update residents who are remaining so they are now connected to the correct program.
  3. Delete leaving residents from the RxSchool DB
  4. Add new residents to RxSchool DB
  5. Add new residents to email lists (rxschool, rxresident, pharmtherapeutics)
  6. Revise the residency pages to have correct list of residents


Receive three spreadsheets from Residency coordinator- residents stating, arriving, leaving. Go into RxSchool DB and mark the remaining residents as MGT = “Stay.” Put the new program in the field::Notes.  for those residents who are leaving, set MGT =”Remove”

Take the “new residents” spreadsheet and turn it into a FMP database. Add these fields:

Type = Resident

Degree: PharmD

Title: Pharmacy Resident

Monthly RxStudent Address Update

Trigger: Monthly on a schedule, the registrar in Student Services does an export from the DataWarehouse/PeopleSoft and updates matching records in the RxStudent database.

Export of data process:


Import to RxStudent process:

  1. Rename columns to match DB

Rename the fields:

Rename Peoplesoft ID to PeopleSoft_ID (must include the underscore)

“Home Address….” to “Paddress1, PAddress2, PCity, PState, PZip” (no spaces in the names)

Rename the fields “Mailing…” to “CAddress1, CAddress2, CCity, CState, CZip””

2)  Drag and open in FMP save as FMP file, then close.  (It needs to be sitting on your desktop)

3) Open the RxStudent DB

4) Select Script under Scripts:StudentServices: Update Address Information

5) Close RxStudent

6) Delete The Address Report DB you created in #2

Prep PharmSchool for Annual Review

Do an export of all Faculty and all GradStudents

  • Import to the Annual Review table for these persons
    • Fields to import:
      • id -> id_Person
  • Use id_Person as a match field to update existing records, make sure to check “add new records


  • Delete all records in the presentations table


  • Delete all records in the publications table
  • Delete all records in the person_publications table


Goals (Faculty)

Export Goals to new table and do these things:

  • Change field names
  • Progress to old_progress
  • Text to progress
  • Create/run script to change year to current year

In PharmSchool

delete all Goals records

import these fields from the new table

  • id_Person
  • Progress
  • Year

AR Fields

  • Find all AR records
  • Run script  “AR Prep Set Competed”
  • set field year to current year (not yet in a script)

Move Graduating Grad Students to the Alumni DB

Mark the students to be moved in PharmSchool

Some MS students should be removed as graduated in MS, but who remain in the PhD program- for these students, change their field “Program” to “PhD” and set “mgt” to “k”

others are graduated and should be moved. set their “mgt” to “move”

Export all [mgt = k OR move] as a FMP DB

Use the People table, the directory table and the Grad student table.

Export the photos!!!

In PharmSchool, find mgt = move, and delete these records

Import into the Alumni table

fields to match:

  • nameFirst
  • nameMiddle
  • nameLast
  • Advisor
  • degree entering
  • univID
  • awards
  • publications
  • presentations
  • degreeDisplay **
  • photoContainer

Student Election for Class President and Officers

Trigger: Current Class Presidents initiate a call for candidates in the Spring, in compliance with the policy and procedures listed in the PharmD Student Handbook.

A list of candidates is provided as a Word file.  The steps below are how to get that content ready for the students to vote:

The person posting has to be added as an instructor to a course for the professional year in question.

In CourseWeb, go into the course and select “Course Tools” in the left hand nav area.

Select “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”

Select “Survey”

**** It may be possible to select the “Elect Class Representatives poll from the year before and edit it.****

Select Build survey. Add a name, description and instructions, then “submit.”

Then create a question. The type is based on which office you are using the poll for. May be Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer.

Once finished, go to Course Documents and add the survey there.


To get the results, select “Full Grade Center”, scroll over to the survey on the far right. Click the chevron and choose “attempt statistics.”

Monthly Notifications Reminder

Trigger: Do this on a monthly basis– currently set for the last Tuesday of the month

  1. Open a plain text file to collect the content. Add to it the title and URL’s for the last five news stories in ePittPharmacy.

Example: Meet Rebecca Wytiaz: PittPharmacy Students Well Represented on PPA Board (

  1. Open an email window
  2. Cut and paste your plain text from #1 into the body of the email.
  3. Paste the following ABOVE this content

The notification form is a simple to complete web form to alert the School about awards, honors or other professional experiences you have had that may be newsworthy. The data collected is used for the annual report, honors convocation, and may be used in the PittPharmacy magazine, ePittPharmacy site, or other communications.

Notification Form: (


  1. Address message TO: ReplyTo:
  2. Go into the Body of the email and BOLD each news story title
  3. Send email

Note the text above was edited by the communications team.

Sample Message:

The notification form is a simple to complete web form to alert the School about awards, honors or other professional experiences you have had that may be newsworthy. The data collected is used for the annual report, honors convocation, and may be used in the PittPharmacy magazine, ePittPharmacy site, or other communications.
Recent Notifications:

Thomas Waters
Director of New Media
Pitt School of Pharmacy
Pronouns: He, Him, His




Telnet test for open ports

These notes were added after having an issue with downloading container content from a Filemaker WebDirect connection.But they are applicable to testing any connectivity issue between boxes.

Open ports test via Telnet, this should show us if we are able to communicate between the two servers across the FileMaker ports.

I found a links with the Telnet instructions below:
– Lets check the ports going from Database Server to Web Server first.
– Check to following ports 80, 443 and 5003. Then swap to Web Server and test the connection to Database server.

How To: Handle Qualtrics .csv reordering in Pitt Form


  1. In Qualtrics, export a .csv file (seen in grey above) containing data from the PITT Form survey (seen in blue above) that has experienced a change in question order. Unzip them to your desktop. The name of this file is very important – DO NOT RENAME IT from either “PITT_Form2”, “PITT_Form__Class_of_2018”, or “PITT_Form__Class_of_2019” AKA <<Name>>.
  1. In FileMaker, delete the table named “<<Name>>” (seen in purple above). Also remove the Table Occurrence for this table. Delete layouts “<<Name>>:All” and “<<Name>>:Blank”.
  1. Select File>Import>File… and <<Name>>.csv from your Desktop.  Click Open.
  1. From the “Target” dropdownselect New Table: <<Name>>. Be sure to check the bottom left box next to “Don’t import first record (contains field names)” before clicking Import.
  1. This creates the proper new table, as well as a new layout. Rename this automatically generated layout to “<<Name>>:All”. Move it to the layout subdirectory “Admin/All/CSV Processing Tables/”.
  1. Switch to Table View. Delete all records.
  1. Duplicate the layout “<<Name>>:All”. Rename it to “<<Name>>:Blank”. Click Modify in the top right corner, and uncheck all fields. Click OK. Move this layout to the layout subdirectory “Admin/Blank/” and uncheck it from the list of displayed layouts.
  1. In the FileMaker Script Workspace, open the script “importCSV(TableFileName)”. Scroll to the code block beginning at line 51.  In the If/Else If statement, double click the Import Records script step executed if $tableFileName = <<Name>>.  From the top left “Source” dropdown, select <<Name>>.  From the “Arrange by:” dropdown, select matching names. Click OK. Click Import on the ensuing popup. Save and exit the script.

Note:  If questions or answer options have been added, there is also a need to add those fields to the Qualtrics table.