Karen Steinmetz Pater, PharmD was elected as President-Elect of Allegheny County Pharmacist Association (ACPA) in the spring of 2013. Pater will serve as president-elect for one year, and take office for one term as president in July 2014.  During this current year, she will work along side the current president, Summer Bruchwalski, and the board of directors to promote the achievements of local pharmacists and pharmacy students at both the county and statewide level.  Prior to this term, Pater served on the board of directors for ACPA for 3 years.

ACPA was the first county or regional association to officially affiliate with the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA). The ACPA members are currently considering expansion into neighboring counties and has proposed to change the name of the association to Southwestern Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association. ACPA is actively recruiting members on an on-going basis and one of Pater’s goals is to increase participation of new recruits in the year ahead.

Assistant Professor Karen Steinmetz Pater is a faculty member in the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Department at School of Pharmacy.

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