PittPharmacy_OsamaAlshogran_0083 copyPittPharmacy PhD Candidate Osama Alshogran has been selected to participate in the STARS program at the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week 2014 Annual Meeting, November 13-16 in Philadelphia, Pa.

The goal of ASN Kidney STARS, formerly known as the ASN Program for Students and Residents, is to stimulate interest in nephrology careers by targeting medical students, residents, and graduate students with an interest in nephrology but have not yet committed to applying to a fellowship.

In addition to medical student, graduate student and resident tailored events and networking opportunities, this program provides $800 in travel support, complimentary registration to attend the ASN Annual Meeting at Kidney Week, in Philadelphia, PA, and complimentary membership to the society.

Alshogran’s two abstracts have also been chosen for poster presentation in the upcoming ASN meeting. The abstract titles are: 1. Effect of Experimental Kidney Disease on the Functional Expression of Hepatic Reductases 2. Effect of End Stage Renal Disease on the Expression and Function of Hepatic Reductase Drug Metabolizing Enzymes.

Alshogran is a PhD candidate in the clinical pharmaceutical scientist program. Assistant Professor Thomas D. Nolin, PharmD, PhD is Alshogran’s mentor.


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