PittPharmacy_FiruzFeturi _0206PittPharmacy graduate student Firuz Feturi has been accepted into the Quality Information Technology (QIT) Health Innovators Fellowship.

QIT Health Innovators Fellowship is a competitive 12 week program designed to give PhD students a meaningful entry into entrepreneurship and nurture a workforce dedicated to healthcare quality improvement through innovation. Fellows work closely with clinical and entrepreneurial mentors and a multi-disciplinary team, and engage with renowned leaders to move from idea to implementation, and pitch their solution for an opportunity to win a cash prizes.

Feturi is a PhD candidate in the clinical pharmacokinetic laboratory at the School of Pharmacy. Feturi’s research focuses on developing potential and effective drug delivery system for local immunosuppressive drugs delivery following transplantation as promising alternative to the currently available oral immunosuppression regimens. This can overcome the obstacles encountered by traditional drug delivery systems (oral immunosuppression regimens) and thereby improve quality of care and reduce costs on our transplant recipients patients and health care system.

Professor Raman Venkataramanan, PhD is Feturi’s faculty advisor.

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