PittPharmacy students presented 27 out of the 35 total posters at the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) Mid-Year Conference in Harrisburg, February 2015. The 2015 theme for the poster presentation was: Pharmacists… Providers of Patient Care.  

Pictured right: Chelsea Henderson


Pictured above: Tael’r Eason, Dylan Atkinson, AlexMarshall, and IngridPan

PittPharmacy_PPAPosters2015_KelseyMoss_CassandraBloor_022A  large student representation was evident throughout the entire weekend participating in networking and various student programming.

Pictured right:  Cassandra Bloor and Kelsey Moss




Class of 2016 students Christina Xia, Daniel Nelson, and Neal Sprissler represented PittPharmacy during the state OTC competition. Neal Sprissler, Aaron Devanathan, Daniel Nelson (class of 2016) and Dylan Atkinson (class of 2015) participated in the Know Pain Know Gain competition.


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