PittPharmacy_VinayakSant_0023Vinayak Sant, PhD received a grant by North American Hoganas to develop color masked iron powder. The objective is to evaluate feasibility of masking the black color of ultrafine iron powder using food grade polymers without causing particle agglomeration. Another objective is to incorporate suitable additives with food grade polymers to enhance iron absorption.

Powdered iron is widely used to fortify various food products. However, the black color of iron powder restricts its use only in certain food products such as cereals, wheat flour etc.  If successful, the color masked iron powder can be used in fortification of other food products such as rice, noodles, milk, yoghurt, salt, sugar etc. This will help in reducing iron deficiency anemia in various parts of the world.

According to WHO, 2 billion people – almost 30% of world’s population is anemic. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder causing anemia globally.

Sant is an assistant professor in the pharmaceutical sciences department at the School of Pharmacy.

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