Members of PittPharmacy, including Associate Professor Amy L. Seybert, PharmD, staff members Lawrence Kobulinsky and Suzanne Mannino, and students Julie Mandel and Olivia Marchionda (Class of 2018), recently presented two posters based on their student-developed simulation project. Seybert and Kobulinsky presented the first poster, titled Recruitment Efforts in High Schools Using Interprofessional Roleplay and Simulation at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

 PittPharmacy team at local high school: Larry Kobulinsky, Amy Seybert, Olivia Marchionda, Julie Mandel and Suzanne Mannino.


Marchionda, (photo above) presented the second poster, titled Student-Developed Patient Case Simulation: An Opportunity for Student Learning at the American Colleges of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) meeting  in Phoenix, Arizona. Both posters highlighted the success of Pitt Pharmacy’s innovative simulation education.

This project involves a case-based simulation that focuses on educating high-school students on pharmaceutical topics as well as career opportunities in pharmacy. Pharmacy students are provided an opportunity to gain experience teaching topics learned in the classroom. The case presented to high school students is a patient experiencing a myocardial infarction in the emergency department. Key aspects of the case include identifying drug interactions, calculating appropriate doses/dosage forms, administering medications and working on an inter-professional team.

PharmD students and faculty presented the program at various high schools, reaching a total of 310 high school students. The project is continuing to expand to include more high schools in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.


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