PittPharmacy Professor Janice L. Pringle, PhD received a grant to develop Online Learning Communities: Mobile Application for Physicians and First Responders from the PA Department of Health with primary sponsor Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Program Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) will create a curriculum for a program to be utilized by the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) to train First Responder Champions in regions across Pennsylvania to support the use of the OpiRescue application, including rescue breathing and naloxone resources imbedded within the application by their peers within each of the champion’s regions. The curriculum will also address barriers observed by first responders in naloxone access and utilization.  A plan will be developed to roll out this training so it encapsulates the entire Commonwealth. It will also develop protocol to reduce legal liability for first responders plus provide ongoing technical assistance for First Responder Champions to utilize OpiRescue and increase naloxone access and utilization.

PERU is dedicated to meaningful research and its contribution to a health system that facilitates a patient’s ability to achieve optimal health and well-being.

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