After completing a 12-week internship at AstraZeneca in the summer of 2018, Divya Patel (PharmD Class of 2020) presented her work at the FDA headquarters at the White Oak campus, Silver Spring, Maryland. Patel’s research, gastric-acid modifying agent mediated DDIs, was presented to 60 FDA reviewers followed by an expertly answered Q & A . Her work will soon be published in the December 2018 target journal of Clinical Therapeutics. The purpose of the presentation and visit was to convince the FDA of the need for a guidance on gastric-pH dependent DDIs.

Patel was assisted by David Boulton, PhD (Executive Director of Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology at AstraZeneca), Mats Nagard (Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology in Early Clinical Development), and PittPharmacy Associate Dean for PharmacoAnalytics Richard Bertz, PhD


Photo Right: Karthick Vishwanathan (Director of Clinical Pharmacology at AstraZeneca),Divya Patel (PharmD Class of 2020),Khanh Nguyen (Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs at Acerta Pharma), Joe Ware (Senior Director Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology at Acerta Pharma),Xavier Pepin (Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Technology and Development at AstraZeneca UK), Mats Någård (Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology at AstraZeneca),Dave Boulton (Executive Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology at AstraZeneca)

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  1. On behalf of our AstraZeneca group in Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology, a big thanks to our amazing summer intern, Divya Patel. She was outstanding and a true team player when she was with us. I have no doubt Divya is a great example of all the talented students at Pitt Pharmacy. Well done to Divya and Pitt!

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