To the Members of the PittPharmacy Family,

We in the School of Pharmacy echo the sentiment of Chancellor Gallagher regarding the shocking tragedy at the Tree of Life when he said that “These acts of hate and terror contradict every human value that we hold dear at the University of Pittsburgh.”  Let us come together to mourn the loss of life at a sacred place of worship and to support and comfort those who suffer the tragedy in a personal way.

Let us also use this tragedy as the opportunity to breathe fresh life into our values, which state that “We foster. . . respect for the individual.”  As individuals and as the PittPharmacy family, let us stand strong in moving toward greater understanding of and enhanced respect for differences in beliefs and characteristics that bring vitality to our community.


Patricia Kroboth, Dean

Dr. Gordon J. Vanscoy Distinguished Service Professor


P.S.  See the PittCares link for information regarding support services and ways to help.

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