PittPharmacy Alum Chris Antypas ’09 was recently featured in the Consumer Reports article “Get More from Your Pharmacy” discussing value and personalized approach of independent pharmacy services.

The article spotlights three NCPA members for the innovative services they offer and their ability to compete, including Hashim Zaibak, owner of Hayat Pharmacy in Milwaukee and NCPA fifth vice president; Chris Antypas, owner of Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy in Pittsburgh; and Ben McNabb, owner of Love Oak Pharmacy in Eastland, Texas.

“People want to be treated as individuals,” says Chris Antypas, Pharm.D., co-owner of Asti’s pharmacy. “Independent pharmacists can do this because we are focused on the patient relationship.”

There are over 23,000 independently owner pharmacies in the United States.  The article provides tips on how people can get the most of their experience in their local pharmacy. 

Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy is a strong partner with PittPharmacy offering a PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency Program, student rotations, and collaborating in research. 

Read More: https://www.consumerreports.org/pharmacies/get-more-from-your-drugstore/

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