Several PittPharmacy graduate students will be spending their summer throughout the country and with various companies to expand their research skills.

Yuemin Bian, will spend 12 weeks with Department of Informatics and Modeling in Merck. Co., Inc. at Kenilworth, NJ for the summer internship. During this internship, Bian will major focus on applying computational chemistry and machine learning techniques to facilitate the researches on cheminformatics and drug discovery.

Karryn Crisamore, was selected for the clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics summer internship at CSL Behring. CSL Behring is a global biotechnology leader in plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutics. Crisamore will spend 12 weeks at their site in King of Prussia, PA and through this opportunity gain hands-on experience in pharmacometric analysis in pharmaceutical industry.

Andrew Haddad will be with Thermo Fisher in Santa Clara, CA in the computational genetics department. The primary role within this internship is to assist in the development of the algorithm used to detect different SNPs within an individual’s genome by reducing noise and improving the selectivity of the genes of interest. Additionally, the position will focus on refining the genotyping model and software to better fit the needs of researchers.

Yankang Jing’s internship at AstraZeneca in Gaithersburg, MD will focus on clinical data analysis. The brief aim is to fine the potential side effects or extra benefits for hypoglycemic drugs on diabetes patient, whether outcomes are different in subjects taking those drugs, and are those outcomes common in real-world datasets, so that to provide an opportunity to add valuable evidence on an open and clinically-relevant question.

Shifan Ma will be in the computational chemistry department of Biogen in Cambridge, MA for an internship. Biogen Inc. is an American multinational biotechnology company, specializing in the discovery, development and delivery of therapy to defeat devastating neurological diseases. The role in the internship is to assist computer-aided drug design, to build and implement new protocols on a cloud computing platform for performing data analysis (machine learning), library design and molecular dynamics simulations.

Photo Above: Karryn Crisamore, Yuemin Bian, Yankang Jing, Andrew Haddad

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