Photo: Nicole Hume, vice chair, Kristine Yee (secretary), and Victoria Miller (Chair). 

Nicole Hume (Class of 2021) was recently appointed to the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) National Student Network Advisory Committee as Vice Chair. The Vice Chair serves a two year appointment, with the first year as Vice Chair and the second year as Chair of the committee. The committee is comprised of 10 pharmacy students from institutions across the nation.

As a member of the committee, Hume will have the opportunity to work with co-committee members in the development of new programs and services for student members. The position gives the opportunity to further develop skills in leadership and communication as well as network with other students and pharmacists at the national level.

Hume recently attended the 2019 ACCP Annual Meeting in New York, New York to begin her responsibilities with the committee.

Students from the ACCP National Student Network Advisory Committee.

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