Roshni Pattabiraman and Aarti Zaver (Class of 2022) presented original research alongside PittPharmacy alumna Martha Ndungo ’19 at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy National Meeting in New York City.

The research titled “Self-Care Strategies of Diabetes Management: A Qualitative Approach” consisted of interviewing patients with Type 2 Diabetes in the small town of San Jose in rural Honduras and analyzing these interviews to identify the factors that affect how well the patients manage this disease state. This research helps to recognize the need for various interventions to improve the management and control of Type 2 Diabetes in this population. PittPharmacy faculty members Sharon E. Connor, PharmD and Lauren Jonkman, PharmD, MPH were the primary investigators in this research. One outcome of this continued research will be a manuscript based on the collected information and interviews.

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