Lisa Rohan (center) with group of lab associates

Update May 2020: Watch Rohan’s recent interview

Dr. Lisa Rohan, PittPharmacy professor, has worked on viral pandemics previously with her work to prevent the spread of HIV. Her lab has developed unique formulations of antiretroviral compounds for prevention of HIV.  As the COVID-19 pandemic introduced new challenges for treating and preventing infection, the Rohan Laboratory quickly stepped up to the challenge. Rohan and colleagues are bringing their unique formulation skills to developing a nasal formulaton of Q-Griffithsin (Q-GRFT) in partnership with the University of Louisville’s Center for Predictive Medicine. Q-GRFT has been shown to impede viral entry for a broad spectrum of coronaviruses. 

The goal is to develop a convenient product that would prevent severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection.  This product can be highly applicable to front line healthcare workers and at-risk populations.

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