PittPharmacy rises in national research rankings among U.S. schools of pharmacy based on the NIH year ending October 2019. Pitt has ascended to:

#5 in ‘Total Federal’ grants

#2 in ‘Other Federal’ grants

#6 in Total Grants

#8 in NIH grant funding

#8 in ‘Non- Federal’ grant funding

PittPharmacy’s research programs cover a broad array of important and timely topics ranging from computational drug discovery and design to pre-clinical drug development to patient outcomes. PittPharmacy investigators use state-of-the-art techniques to answer important questions leading to new drug targets and improved drug therapy. Nearly all faculty participate in research in some capacity and half of our faculty serve as principal investigators. The quality of the science is evidenced through successful competition for NIH and other research funding. This has directly translated to Pitt rising in national research rankings among U.S. schools of pharmacy.

The people behind these numbers make PittPharmcy a Leader in Research and Education.

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