As a member of the Empowering Women in Organic Chemistry Steering Committee and co-organizer of the event, PittPharmacy’s Donna M. Huryn, PhD presented the welcome message during the 2nd Annual Empowering Women in Organic Chemistry Conference.

The event was held virtually, August 13- 14, 2020. Participants from around the globe included over 800 scientists, from more than 30 countries participating in poster, networking, workshops and scientific sessions. Huryn’s message and slides are shared here

Empowering Women in Organic Chemistry (EWOC) was founded by a group of organic chemists and others who support women in science to provide a unique opportunity to promote and support women in organic chemistry, broadly defined.

Donna M. Huryn is Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a PI of the University of Pittsburgh Chemical Diversity Center (UP-CDC). 

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