David Katz (Class of 2021) is one of four students, (only one from Pitt), selected for the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) Student CE Platform at the PPA Annual Conference Making a SPLASH with Patient Care in October 2020.

The knowledge-based activity Cannabis in the Pharmacy; How Pharmacists Can Prepare to Educate Their Patients will identify areas of safety concerns in specific patient populations when medicinal cannabis is used, with a focus on the cannabinoids THC and CBD. Content will also include recognizing federal and Pennsylvania laws that protect the pharmacist and their license from cannabis-related litigation. Natalie Y Capozzolo, PharmD, BCGP, TTS is Katz’s mentor on his CE presentation.

This is Katz’s second time participating in student activities hosted by PPA. At the January 2020 PPA Mid-Year Conference he placed 4th (top 5) in the “Know Pain, Know Gain Competition” sponsored by NASPA and Purdue Pharma, L.P. The competition helped students demonstrate key pain management concepts and counseling techniques in order to optimize their patient’s treatment plan.

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