2022 HiREC award
Venkataramanan, second from right, pictured with University of Puerto Rico faculty.

Raman Venkataramanan, Ph.D., FAAPS, has been recognized as the Hispanic in Research Capability (HIREC) Visiting Endowed Chair for the year 2020-2022. He was recently honored at a ceremony in the Chancellors Conference room at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus.

In this capacity Venkataramanan will promote the research career of Dr. Darlene Santiago-Quinone, a faculty member at the School of Pharmacy at University of Puerto Rico, offering guidance in her journey to become an independent researcher. He will be part of the new initiative, the HIREC Career Coach and Mentoring Component to support a long lasting mentoring relationship. This work will advance research, eliminate health disparities, and promote multidisciplinary translational research in Minority Institutions. It will also sustain research infrastructure, service, career, and workforce development initiatives.   

Venkataramanan is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.

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