Dr Aaron Devenathan

The purpose of the Academic Centers for Excellence is to partner with premier academic institutions to educate the next generation of scientists and solve pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) challenges.

Towards this goal, Certara will provide Pitt Pharmacy access to Phoenix software licenses at no cost to be used by faculty, students, and post-doctoral researchers to support coursework, academic research, and collaboration on other projects with Certara. In return, Pitt Pharmacy will collaborate with Certara to create public webinars and conduct beta testing on new features.

Aaron Devanathan, PharmD, PhD, AAHIVP (PHARM ’16) led the effort and application towards this designation and will serve as the Director of the Academic Center of Excellence here at Pitt Pharmacy. “I am very excited for this synergistic collaboration with Certara and lead our Academic Center of Excellence here at Pitt Pharmacy. This is an important recognition of the great work our faculty are doing to optimize drug therapy for patients. This collaboration will not only further support current ongoing PK/PD work, but will also invite those who are interested in learning and applying these PK/PD modeling principles to help grow our clinical pharmacology research programs.”

Globally, there are only 10 institutions with this designation and only 5 schools of pharmacy in the United States.

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