Experiential Learning Program Manual for Preceptors and Students

How to use the Experiential Learning Program Manual

The Student Manual drop-down menu above has all the information you will need for the Experiential Learning Program. The appendices drop-down menu has the forms you might need.

About the Experiential Learning Program Manual

This manual serves as an official document of policies, procedures, and information regarding the Experiential Learning Program. It may be used as a reference by all preceptors, prospective preceptors, as well as students in our program.

Content Updating

The Office of Experiential Learning is responsible for maintaining and updating this manual. If you find content that you feel is incorrect, please let us know, ASAP.

Questions about the Experiential Learning Program Manual

If you have any questions about the handbook, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning.

Information for PharmD Students

Other information for PharmD students can be found in the PharmD Student Handbook.