Comprehensive Examination

Students are required to pass a comprehensive examination before being admitted to candidacy. The comprehensive examination should be completed as soon as possible following the completion of all required coursework, and no later than the summer prior to entering the 4th year of the program. In no case may the comprehensive examination be taken in the same term in which the student is graduated. Specific details about the examination and its conduct are given in separate guidelines (below). The comprehensive examination will be conducted by an Examination Committee (see below). When the comprehensive examination has been concluded, the Chair of the examination committee will complete and submit the form “Comprehensive Examination (PhD) Report” to the Graduate Program Coordinator. Should a student be required to retake the examination, a new form must be completed and filed with the Committee. Copies of this form are available here. When the comprehensive examination has been successfully completed, the event will be entered into the student’s permanent graduate academic record as a “Milestone.”