Formal Coursework – MS Nonthesis

The Non-Thesis MS degree requires a total of 30-34 credits. 

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
PHARM 3028Pharmacology and Therapeutics4
PHARM 3040Statistical Methods I3
PHARM 3049Scientific Writing Skills2
PHARM 3024Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar1
PHARM 3011Principles of Biochemistry1
MultipleJournal Club (Choose one)1
MultipleSpecialization Electives0-3

Note: PHARM 3011 is considered an elective by some specialization areas.

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
PHARM 2001Pharmaceutical Analysis4
PHARM 3071Foundations in Pharmaceutical Sciences4
PHARM 3025Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar1
MultipleJournal Club (Choose one)1
MultipleSpecialization Electives0-5

Note: PHARM 2001 and 3071 are considered elective by some specialization areas.

Optional Summer Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MultipleSpecialization Electivesvariable

Journal Clubs

Course NumberNameCreditsWhen Offered
PHARM 3009 Advances in Pharm Sciences 1Fall, Spring
PHARM 3034 Topics in Translational Research1Fall
PHARM 3036 Advances in Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine1Fall
PHARM 3048Drug Discovery, Design & Development1Fall, Spring
PHARM 3070Genomics & Cancer Therapeutics 1Fall, Spring
PHARM 3052Topics and Methods in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Research1Spring

Additional journal clubs are also available depending on the area of specialization.

Specialization Electives 

Course NumberCourse NameCreditsWhen Offered
PHARM 3068Computational Systems Pharmacology3 Fall
PHARM 3069Pharmacometrics 3 Fall
PHARM 5218Pharmacokinetics and Drug Response3.5 Fall
PHARM 2003Pharmacoepidemiology2Spring
PHARM 3073Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Pharm. Sci.3Spring
PHARM 3067Clinical Pharmacy Environments 2Spring
PHARM 3032Medicinal Chemistry 3Fall
PHARM 3045Advanced Statistical Methods 3Fall, Spring
PHARM 2015Comprehensive Examination 1-3Fall, Spring, Summer
PHARM 5834Python for Data Management and analysis3Spring, Summer

Additional elective courses are also available depending on the area of specialization.

Electives may be taken in any semester when they are offered. Students may take graduate level courses in other schools under the advisement of the Director of Graduate Studies.