MS Graduation Requirements


You Are Responsible For Reading The Following Information Regarding Graduation.  Not following the requirements listed below could jeopardize your graduation. 

 I.  APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION: Any student who plans to complete degree requirements in the Fall Term must fill out an application for graduation by September 13, 2013.  The application can be found here:   Students applying after this date, are required to submit a late fee of $25 (checks or cash) with the application.  Applications will be accepted until December 2, 2013 with a varying late fee.  Students who applied for graduation in a prior term must reapply for the current term.  Only the student’s legal name may be used on the application (documentation supporting name changes must accompany the application).

 II.  REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Students must be registered for one credit or, if needed, Full Time Dissertation Study (FTDS) in the term in which they graduate.

III.  INCOMPLETE GRADES: All I and/or G grades including those not relevant to the degree program must be changed before the degree can be posted. Change of Grade cards must be sent by the instructor or departmental administrator to 5141 Sennott Sq., or the department must state in writing that the incomplete course(s) are not required for the degree.

IV.  E-MAIL NOTIFICATION:  E-mail Lori Schmotzer,, Defense Title, Date Defending, Location, and Time of Defense.

V.  CANDIDATES FOR THE MS DEGREE-ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION (Please refer to the templates on line at  All candidates for the M.S. degree must submit the following to the Student Services Office, 904 Salk Hall by NOON on December 4, 2013.

           a)  ETD approval form signed by all committee members (electronic signatures are not allowed) – THERE ARE 2 PAGES!

bUploaded file to ETD submission page, formatted correctly with all appropriate bookmarks and  hyperlinks.

          c)  One copy of the abstract with the adviser’s COMPLETE NAME TYPED and the ADVISOR’S INITIALS (electronic initials are not allowed) in the upper right hand corner of each one.  Abstract must be double spaced with title and student’s name at the top of the first page (see template, 350 word limit).

d)  One copy of the title page.

          e)  Receipt for processing; (pay $20 in the Student Payment Center in G‑7 Thackeray Hall).

 VI.    DIPLOMAS AND OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: Complimentary copies are expected to be mailed the week of February 3, 2014 to the address on your application for graduation.  The Registrar has two address databases, graduation and People Soft.  If a change is needed after submission of the graduation application, you must make certain you update it in both areas of the Registrar.


Students, please make sure you are submitting ALL required documents correctly and in the proper format. 


Checklist for MS Applicants


  • ETD approval form (double sided) with signatures of all committee members.  If you have co-chairs – they must both sign in all the places for the chair.

Uploaded file to ETD submission page:

                 Instructions for ETDs can be found at the following website:

-at a minimum there must be bookmarks for the following pages in the following order:

  • § Title page
  • § Abstract
  • § Table of contents
  • § List of tables (if there are tables)
  • § List of figures (if there are figures)
  • § List of schemes (if there are schemes)
  • § List of equations (if there are equations)
  • § Each chapter
  • § Each appendix
  • § Bibliography

-email Lori Schmotzer after upload is complete at YOU CAN UPLOAD A DRAFT OF YOUR ETD AT ANY TIME

  •  1 copy of abstract:

-abstract must be double spaced (350 word limit – NO EXCEPTIONS)

*if the abstract is more than one page, it CANNOT be double sided

-top of the page must be as follows:

  • § Title
  • § Student Name, MS
  • § University of Pittsburgh, 2xxx (see template) (template)

-advisor’s complete name must be TYPED IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER- if there are co-chairs both names must be typed

-advisor MUST SIGN THEIR INITIALS next to their name on ALL copies-if there are co-chairs they must both initial the abstracts – initials must be original from the chair(s) and not faxed or copied

  • 1 copy of the title page
  •  Receipt for ETD Processing:

-pay $20.00 in the Student Payment Center in G-7 Thackeray Hall – if you are not local you can call the student payment center at 412-624-7520 and ask them to assess the fee and then you can pay it on-line.