Guidelines for Proposal Preparation & Submission

The topic of the research proposal must be an original research project. The topic (i.e., hypothesis and specific aims) may be the student’s proposed dissertation research, but cannot be substantively the same as a proposal presented for discussion in other classes or journal clubs.
A written abstract of the research proposal, maximum of one page in length, must be examined and approved by the examination committee prior to preparation of the complete proposal.
The written proposal, maximum of 10 pages of text plus references, prepared in the format of an NIH application (see Detailed Guidelines for Proposal Preparation) must be distributed along with copies of “key” references to the committee at least 14 days prior to the oral comprehensive examination.
Students may solicit feedback on their ideas and the written document from other students and faculty, with the exception that students may NOT solicit specific feedback on the content of the written document from their academic advisor or from any member of the comprehensive examination committee.