Guidelines for the Examination

The graduate student will give an oral presentation that is succinct, yet complete (approximately 20-30 minutes), and supported by visual aids (slides/overheads).
The committee will then ask questions which test the student’s knowledge and abilities in the following areas:

  • Literature evaluation skills
  • Writing skills
  • Scientific background
  • Understanding of study design
  • Utility of animal models of disease or conditions relative to the human situation
  • Analytical methods
  • Clinical measurement methods
  • Data management and statistical analysis
  • Differentiation of clinical and statistical significance

Additionally questions pertaining to any of the coursework or general knowledge will be included
Results of the examination will be communicated to the student immediately following the exam. The form must be completed by each member of the Committee. It is the students responsibility to bring the form to the meeting and to collect completed forms and submit to the Graduate Program Coordinator.
Results of the examination will be one of the following:
Remedial work needed:
Specific needs for additional learning experiences (e.g., scientific area, statistics, writing, etc.) may be identified.
Remedial work may include a minor rewrite of the proposal or a major rewrite and re-defense of the proposal.
Remedial work must be completed within six months from the time of examination.
Fail -A student who fails the qualifying examination will be terminated from the PhD program.
In all cases, the Chair of the examination committee will complete and submit the form to the Graduate Program Coordinator.