The format for the comprehensive examination will be a written proposal followed by an oral examination.
The comprehensive examination is to be completed as soon as possible after completing all required courses for the student’s focus area, no later than the summer prior to entering the 4th year of the program, and no later than eight months prior to scheduling of the dissertation defense. It is expected that the oral comprehensive examination will be taken during the summer term of the 2nd year in the graduate program.
The oral comprehensive examination committee for each student will be chaired by a faculty member in the School of Pharmacy who is a member of the graduate faculty. Composition of the committee will be determined by the academic advisor and the student’s doctoral committee, and will include at least two members from the student’s selected focus area. The chair will be decided by the faculty who comprise the committee, and will be a member of the student’s selected focus area. The student’s academic advisor may NOT be a member of the committee, but may be present as an observer during the exam. Composition of the committee will consist of at least three faculty members from the School of Pharmacy and the majority being graduate faculty). The committee may include faculty members from outside the School of Pharmacy.