Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology

The Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology program focuses on applying Pharmacometrics and system pharmacology techniques to facilitate the development of novel drug candidates that are less likely to fail during clinical trials and to provide a better understanding of drug mechanisms of action and therapeutic effects at the systems pharmacology level.

  • You will develop a broad knowledge of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology to develop drug candidates that are less likely to fail during clinical trials.
  • You will develop strong computational modeling and simulation expertise from drug target fishing, to drug lead identification, to drug profile optimization.
  • You will develop strong computational expertise on pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) modeling and simulation.
  • You will develop skills on multiscale modeling of biological processes at the molecular, gene, organ and organism levels.
  • Your will have opportunities to study with faculty from a variety of background including computer-aided drug design, computational and systems biology/pharmacology, population PK/PD modeling, computational chemical genomics, computational biophysics, etc.
  • Candidates with programming experience, basic/intermediate knowledge in statistics and/or hands-on modeling experience are highly desired.

Competency Grid and Curricular Map

Primary Contact:
Xiang-Qun (Sean) Xie, PhD, EMBA
206 Salk Pavilion
Phone: 412-383-5276